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Eat the trendiest food in Seoul at the food court of one of the most luxurious department stores

Ever been to a luxurious food court? Well, here’s your chance. The Gourmet 494 food court is found in the basement of the high end department store, Galleria, in the richest neighborhood in Seoul, Cheomdangdong (청담동). We’re not talking Panda Express and Sbarro here (not that there’s anything wrong with either), but we’re [...]

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Eat Korean street food with drunk locals under a packed tent at 4am

Koreans not only like to go out to a lot of different spots when they go out, but they also stay out really late. After going to a bar or a club for a few hours, it’s inevitable that you get hungry. What better place to go to eat than underneath an orange, [...]

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Declare everlasting love from Seoul’s most scenic point

If you have ever seen a Korean soap opera before, you know that Koreans are extremely sentimental. It is also no surprise that a pilgrimage of love to go to Seoul’s Namsan Tower gained popularity due to the actions of two television stars. In order to declare everlasting love, the couple wrote a [...]

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Mud wrestle while enhancing your skin

It is no surprise that a country known for its beauty and cosmetics is also the one with a mud festival started by a local cosmetic company. The Boryeong Mud Festival was started in 1998 to promote the local therapeutic mud, this annual festival has become extremely popular among both locals and expats, [...]

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Visit the only kimchi museum in the world

Where else in the world will you be able to go to a museum solely dedicated to the Korean staple, kimchi? This is a foodie’s dream. Kimchi, or seasoned fermented vegetables, is at the heart of Korean culture and its food and is usually eaten with every meal. Few people also know that [...]

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Stay in a Korean traditional house in the backdrop of the ancient Korean capital

If you venture outside of Seoul during your time in Korea (as you should), Gyeongju is the place to go. Korea used to be divided into three major kingdoms (Silla, Baekje, and Goguryeo) until the Silla kingdom conquered the other kingdoms and made Gyeongju the capital. Gyeongju remained the capital of this region [...]

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Do Gangnam style in the Gangnam district

NB (Noise Basement) in Gangnam is a great place to pay homage to Psy’s Gangnam Style song in the Gangnam neighborhood itself. This is the best place in the world where you can strut your stuff to the video that has garnered 1.6 billion views within the past year (hard to believe that [...]

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Cross the border into North Korea and safely come back

Do you want to have a picture taken from the most secretive country in the world? Yes, there is a way. By going on the Demilitarized Tour (DMZ) from Seoul, tourists can safely cross the border from South Korea into North Korea and come back. How is this possible? In a town that [...]

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Attend the largest church in the world

The concept of a megachurch takes on a whole another meaning here in Korea, where, statistically speaking, nearly 1 out of every 10 people living in Seoul is a member of this church. Yeouido Full Gospel Church boasts nearly 1 million church members and its Sunday service can hold approximately 26,000 people with [...]

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Eat a Korean traditional dessert at one of the world’s best hotels

The Shilla Hotel is where Bill Gates, President George Bush, and Michael Jackson chose to stay when they visited Korea and is also the wedding site of many well-known Korean celebrities such as Jeon Ji-Hyun. It has been ranked as one of the top 500 hotels in the world by Travel and Leisure [...]

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