Stem Cell Training:

We are a biotechnology training company affiliated with Global Stem Cells Group that specializes in teaching the latest techniques in stem cell medicine to qualified physicians and high level healthcare professionals through our training courses, workshops, and seminars.

The programs are developed by our faculty of scientists and highly specialized physicians with the aim to advance the clinical side of stem cell technology.  We are Doctors training Doctors. Our highly interactive and hands on technical training adheres to the latest tools and protocols. Our instructors ensure consistent training and delivery across all of our programs.

Stem cells provide the extraordinary medical benefits that make our mission possible. Physicians who participate in Stem Cell Training courses are looking to grow their practices while providing their patients with all the advantages of Regenerative Medicine  therapies.

If you know a practicing stem cell physician, chances are he or she trained with us.


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Stem Cell Center Korea

The Mission of the Stem Cell Center Korea is to advance access to and provide the highest quality of care in the area of adult stem cell technology, to improve the body’s ability to regenerate in order to help people suffering from a variety of inflammatory and degenerative conditions.

We are committed to stem cell research and the advancement of regenerative medicine and in providing care to patients with a wide variety of chronic degenerative and inflammatory disorders using Adult Autologous Adipose-derived Stem Cells (ADSC’s).


I’ve been practicing medicine for the last 20 years. I’ve taken an untold number of continuing education classes. I can’t tell you how much I looked forward to taking this diplomat course, both personally and professionally. Nothing could have been more foreign or more alien to me than working with high manipulated cells in a Lab environment and with patients under these conditions. And yet, somehow, in 7 days they pulled me through it all the way to the end. I feel competent … Even though some of it is alien, I feel competent talking about it, exercising it, and using it in daily practice. Thanks, guys.

Sungduck Choi, MD

I took the Diplomat course  and I thought it was superb. It’s seven days. First part is didactic lecture. Great review of literature, all the components that go into manipulate PRP and stem cells, very well covered. Then the next days, hands-on with stem cell; Being live with patients with different health issues as well as culturing the samples, processing fat and bone marrow for retrieving the stem cells. It was absolutely superb. I highly recommend it. It’s one of the best courses I’ve ever taken in terms of very succinct lecturing on the subject material and then absolute hands-on. Great experience, highly recommend it.

Yoonhee Kang, MD

I’m an orthopedic surgeon and came to check out what everyone was talking about in regards to this Diplomat on cell therapy. Going through the course, it was very informative. It gave a good lecture to begin with and then lots of hands-on patient activity, teaching us. We see one, learned one, and then did one, and it was wonderful to experience that. It’s a lot easier than I expected. I was hesitant coming in because doing normal bone marrow biopsies, I know are quite painful. The way that we were taught here, it’s a pretty significant change and a lot less morbidity and a lot easier to perform than I’ve seen in the past, so it was a wonderful course. Thank you.

Sungkyun Cho, MD

I just finished the Diplomat course. It was a great week! Lots of hands-on experience, a lot of hands-on application. Really great getting into the science behind it. Recommend it to everybody.

Hyoung Noh, MD